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Traction Kits

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₹1,225 ₹990
Product Description : Cervical traction kit is a complete apparatus designed to provide traction..
₹1,181 ₹827
Product Description :Cervical Traction Kit is a complete apparatus designed to provide traction to ..
₹407 ₹285
Product Description :Leg traction brace is a traction halter applied to the leg for below knee trac..
₹1,583 ₹1,109
Product Description :Pelvic traction Set is a traction system intended to apply uniform and control..
₹275 ₹193
Product Description : Skin traction Set (PUF liner) is used for providing indirect traction to l..
₹385 ₹285
Product Description :Tynor Traction Weight Bag  designed to provide traction to the cervi..
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