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Wholesale Surgical Supplies

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** Price Range 530-600 **
Product Description :Romsons Pedia Drip (Measured Volume Chamber Set)Micro drip with drop size of 6..
Product Description :Romsons RMS Blood Admnistration Set  : Conforms to ISO 1135-4 standa..
Product Description :Romsons Foley Trac - Silicone Coated Foley Balloon Catheter 2 Way : Made up of..
Product Description :Romsons Guedel Airways (GS-2012) - Oro-pharyngeal Airway are designed to m..
Product Description :Nasopharyngeal Airway┬« (GS-2034) - Suitable for suctioning in I.C.Us and p..
Product Description :Romsons Flexi Mask (oxygen mask) is designed for convenient oxygen therapy,Moul..
Product Description :Romsons Oxy Set - oxygen nasal cannula with twin bore is manufactured from soft..
Product Description :Romsons Asepto Pump (Asepto Syringe With Transparent Bulb) - Feeding and irriga..
Product Description :Romsons Bain Ciruit (SH2088-89): The Bain anesthesia circuit is a convenient, l..
Product Description :Romsons Catheter MountDouble swivel elbow connector with suction port and cap..
Product Description :Romsons Centro - Central Venous Catheter    Manufactured from special..
Product Description :Romsons Disposable Corrugated Drainage Sheet - Designed for effi..
Product Description :Romsons CVP Manometer (Central Venous Pressure Measuring Device)Suitable for co..
Product Description :Romsons Dispo Mask - Disposable non woven fabric tie Mask,  Box of 50 pcs...
Product Description :Romsons Disposable Endotracheal Tube Cuffed - Kink resistant inflation tube ens..
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