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Types Of Weighing Scale: Which One to Buy?

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Types Of Weighing Scale: Which One to Buy?

Types Of Weighing Scale: Which One to Buy?


Keeping your health in check is one of the most challenging things to do. Yet, it is recommended to remain healthy, even in the busiest schedules.Some of the weighing machines are analog and have issues of inaccuracy and lack the portability of data. This is the reason the analog weighing scales have been replaced by digital ones.


Let us have a look at some of the best weighing scales in the market, which you must purchase to maintain perfect health:


#1 Digital Weighing Machine

Keeping your weight in check is only possible if you measure it accurately. Digital weighing scale help in the accurate measurements of the weight as the digital numbers on the seven segment display is generated by the weight produced on the sensors. The chance of any form of error due to parallax is removed. Let us look at a few features of the digital weighing machines compared to the analog one:

        You can keep a record of the weighing history,thus keep a tab on the changes in the weight in due time

        Some digital weighing machines give a detailed data of other physiological measures like the BMI and calorie consumption that helps to maintain the proper body balance

        The precision in the digital weighing machines are better than analog ones, since they display the numerical on the SSD screen directly.


While buying a digital weighing machine, you can lookout for the following features:


        Know your technology: If you are looking to tune in the mobile application with your digital weighing machine,select the appropriate machine

        Understand the threshold: Knowing the maximum limit of the weight that can be measured using the digital machine is useful, to prevent any errors.

        Safetyglass: The glass of the digital weighing machine has to provide protection to the SSD. Certain digital weighing machines come with tempered high thickness glass for protection.


#2 BMI Weighing Machine


BMI is a measure of the health and well-being of the individual.The weight of a person can be alarming if it is not kept in check. The BMI scale helps in keeping the BMI in check as well as gives you a historical data of the BMI.


Few of the best features of the BMI scale includes:

        The BMI machine is best for everyone across different age groups, thus making it highly efficient

        BMI machines are smaller, sleeker and excellent to carry. You need not worry about the portability of the machine

        Various details about the metabolism, skeletal muscles and the fat content is revealed by the BMI machine.


Some of the features that every BMI machine must have are:

        Easy operation, as no one would like to operate a complicated BMI machine.

        Highly informative: The BMI machine must be able to furnish the various information of the body, which is required for the efficient functioning of the body.

        Historical measurement: The historical records of the BMI must be stored along with the progress chart showing the changes with time.


 #3  Bluetooth Weighing machine

A Bluetooth weighing machine lets your records of walking, gyming and physical exercises into its system, such that you remain aware of the various efforts and their results. The weighing machine gets updated with the results of the workout and the calorie burnt, asa result, you can adjust your schedule, as per the requirement.


What makes a Bluetooth weighing machine different from the rest?


        ∙  Graphical representation of the records of the workouts over the varied timeline.
        ∙   The storage of memory for the past data, such that you can retrieve the same and record it.
        ∙   Easy synchronization of the data with the weighing machine, enhanced customization


Few features that every Bluetooth weighing machine must have include:


        ∙  Compatibility: Easy compatibility across the various domains,technologies and operating systems of the phone. 

        ∙  Large storage space: Since volumes of data are being stored by the machine and charts are made along with recommendations, enough data space for more than 10 users must be available. 

        ∙  Sleek design: The Bluetooth weight machine must have a flat design and be able to fit across any corner of the room, which makes it efficient and easy to use. Warranty protection is also important, since it is an electronic product. 


#4  Smart Weighing Machine

There is various wearable fitness tracker or smart watches that helps in keeping a tab on the level of fitness.You must be able to tune it with the biological clock and you are ready to go.Involves the various sensors that measure the heart rate as well as the levels of calorie in the blood and all the details can be tracked on to your mobile device through sharing of data


Want to know more about wearable technology?

        You can set a track of the number of steps you want to travel daily to keep the weight in check. Guess what?! Wearable keeps account of it and records it for further analysis

        Having the perfect sleep hours is the requirement for a healthy living. A wearable takes care that you don’t lack sleep by tracking it relentlessly.

        Set your goals and follow them! This is how wearables assist you by becoming your mentor in your journey of losing weight


Few features that every Bluetooth weighing machine must have include:

        Light in weight: As the name goes,wearables are too tied to your wrists. Hence, they should be light in weight,easily carried from one place to another as well as of the perfect size of the wrist.

        Easy connectivity: There should not be any issue about the connectivity of the wearable with the mobile device.Perfect connectivity ensures a smooth connection and easy data transfer.

        Reminders and alerts: One of the best reasons why you need a Fitbit or MI Band is to ensure that you don’t forget the right time for workout and stay disciplined about your health.


Which is the right one to buy?


One of the pertinent questions among the users is the right weighing machine to buy. Since there is a large variety of available modules available, all of them are perfect to be bought. But it all depends on the needs. Compared to the analog, all the mentioned devices are digital weighing machines. It is about time you don’t wait for any further and explore the world of digital wearables and weighing machines. Shop Now to get the best deals available!

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