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Silent Hypoxia (Low Oxygen Level in the Body) - Its symptoms and role during COVID-19.

2021-06-27 16:48:45 0 By: Aditi Anand Times Read: 181
Silent Hypoxia (Low Oxygen Level in the Body) - Its symptoms and role during COVID-19.

Do you know?

“Silent or Happy Hypoxia is a term in which patients have low oxygen level but they don’t have any symptoms of trouble in breathing till a much later stage."   

Hypoxia is a condition when your body does not get adequate oxygen which requires to sustain body functions or simply you can refer it as low oxygen saturation level in the blood, usually lower than 94%. Hypoxia can occurs in various situations but most recently it is reported in various individuals suffered from covid19.

Amid covid19 pandemic, coronavirus can cause silent hypoxia. In this condition, patients have low level of oxygen but without any kind of symptoms for that. It is mostly seen in youngsters and they may not show any symptoms of breathlessness until it becomes too late for them. Hence, it is deemed as ‘Silent’ or ‘Happy’ hypoxia which is a silent killer in covid19 patients.

The main concern is how to identify silent hypoxia and take the preventive measures from getting it worse. Here’s are some below steps to identify it:

    (1) Blood Oxygen levels can be monitored using a device known as pulse oximeter. Patients should be monitored regularly with a pulse oximeter even if they are not exhibiting any sign of breathlessness but suffered from  fever, cough sore throat etc.

    (2) According to medical experts, hypoxic patients may exhibit some discolorations in the body such as pale or blue lips, changes in the color of skin, ranging from blue to red.

    (3) Hypoxic patient’s body may cause excessive sweating without doing any physical activity.

    (4) Other signs may be: Fatigue, Higher pulse rate, Restlessness or Anxiety.

If the oxygen saturation level decreased below 94%, it is a cause for concern and patient should seek medical help.

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